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You Are His

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Poems
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You are His betrothed.

You are His wedded Bride.

You are His.
He vowed to take you

Where only the perfect dwells.

He promised to keep you forever

And to wipe every tear 

Away from your eyes.

You are His.
You are His promised Bride.

The veil would yet be lifted,

And the morn is yet to come,

But the vow stands sealed.

You are His.
He went away to prepare your place,

But your hope is not misplaced.

For a time He journeys ahead,

But you’ll follow Him soon,

For you are His.


A Sonnet On Fries

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Poems
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Are you like a box of straight-cut potatoes?
Would I describe you like I would these fries?
You both promised me comfort, head to toe,
But are all your words just deceiving lies?

For you swore to love me most truthfully,
But instead you gave me toxic and pain.
You swore to make me content and happy
Yet sleepless nights, sore tears, are all I gained.

But my fries kept true to its sincere vow
Of giving comforting deliciousness.
Its texture, taste, gave me contentment now,
But still my thoughts drifted into nothingness.

These golden fries are most faithful and true,
But why do I still long and wait for you?