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Posted: February 17, 2016 in Poems
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Rebecca Williams

Photography by Rebecca Williams, 2015


It’s funny how your treatment suddenly changed,
how your indifference fired up to a radiant smile.
Right now you think I’m amazing because I broke.
Right now you may think of me highly.
But I’m not simply the girl who broke,
I’m not simply the one who made it to the cut.
I’m also the girl who can be sad,
the girl who can be weak and break down,
the girl who can lose patience at times.
I’m also the girl who feels an entire spectrum of emotions,
including those that you may find too appalling.

See, your problem is you define people with a single description,
you measure others’ worth by a sole measuring stick.
And it’ll only be a matter of time, trust me,
before you find a less appealing aspect to limit me with.
You may think I’m a flat-surfaced individual,
But I’m a diamond of poetry–multi-faceted, having various sides.
And tell you what–I’ll never be