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I’ll Listen

Posted: June 24, 2016 in Poems
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When the clouds of your heart are so dark and heavy,
And the raindrops of your eyes threaten to fall;
When you’re in pain, or angry, or tired,
Or when you think you’ve failed even after you’ve tried—
I’m here. Talk to me. Tell me stories. I’ll listen.

When you’ve faced just too many crossroads,
And you’re not sure you’re doing things right,
Or when you just doubt the worth of it all;
When even your mind is blank and tired of thinking—
I’m here. Tell me stories. I promise I’ll listen.

And when you are hurting, so much,
When you feel that your heart is shattering to a thousand pieces,
When you think life is an ocean of bitter tears
Raging down upon you, drowning you;
When you feel like life sucks out all oxygen out of your entire being;

When you feel like nothing in this world makes sense anymore,
Because dreams don’t transpire to reality
And hopes only get shattered every time;
When you doubt if anything’s even worth pursuing after all the pain—
Pour on me your frustration, tell me your disappointments. I’ll listen.

And I may not be the best machine fixer of broken hearts,
I may not be the solution to your gravest of problems,
Nor the fighter that would chase your demons away—
Not even the angel that would make everything clear as day—
But I promise to be that most soothing balm the I best can.

And because I cannot shield you from all the stones, arrows, daggers
That come along your way to hurt you,
Please let me be the armor that absorbs most of those harms instead.
The least I can do is take your burden–so let me.
Tell me your stories. I promise I’ll listen.

Because whenever I see you cry your heart out in the corner,
Whenever I see you struggle with words to express your pain,
Whenever I see you fake out a smile to look okay,
Whenever I hear you stammer with emotions you cannot contain—
My own heart of glass cracks and breaks.

It pains me to see you carrying those shards of glass all to yourself.
So please let me care. Please let me in.
Please let me listen.
And in my own little way,
Let me carry your burdens for you.

This, my dear, is how much I love you.
This is how much I care.
It may not be that significant—I hardly ever was.
But like the widow with two copper coins,
All that I can I will offer—never doubt there.


I Am Sad

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I’m not angry at you. I’m just sad that I always have to fall victim of your limitations. I’m sad because things cannot always work out between us. I’m sad because you cannot have the same varying perspective as I do. I’m sad because we can’t really meet halfway, because we aren’t simply cut out for each other.

I’m not angry. But I am sad—because things always get hampered, because progression is always hindered by your linear perspective. I’m sad because every time we seem to get along, differences you cannot handle would always arise. And really, I’m sad because I’m just tired of hoping that someday, everything would just work out for us. That someday you would understand me the same way I understand you. But I guess I should stop hoping for that someday. Because just as snow cannot fall on the hottest day of summer, just as fire cannot really mix well with water, tomorrow won’t ever come. Every time I’d wake up in the morning, it would always be today. Today when you are too blind, too oblivious, too uncaring. Today when you and I can never really mix, when you can never really understand.

I’m sad, yes. But I understand. It’s not like you could’ve helped it. It’s not like you could’ve tried just a little to understand people’s differences. It’s not like you can pause for a little while before labelling others to be undeserving of you. It’s not like every time you think someone should be cast out from your sight, you can step back and try to see these people as a whole and not in parts. It’s not like you could help it.

But you know what? Actually, you can. You could’ve chosen to go a little out of your comfort zone, so people can reach out to you. You could’ve broken that barrier between us. You could’ve tried to understand that differences. But you chose simply not to. And for that I am sad.

What Used To Be

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Poems
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“Let’s take a picture!” I heard you say.
I turned around, took a step or two,
but then remembered: things have change today–
many were altered, and forgotten too.

I remember quite distinctly
how you used to see me every morning.
I see the way you used to smile at me
and hug me whenever I feel crying.

But what used to be a smile so genuine
is now nothing but a forced, dry one.
What used to be a hug so comforting
is now just a handshake, with all warmth gone.

All those memories we made together
dissolved into nothing but vague dreams;
those meaningful talks, those nonsense chatter–
all of them vanished like a dried-up stream.

And then there used to be us in the pictures
in all events–even uneventful days.
But now it seems we have on us strictures;
we avoid each other in many ways.

And the saddest part is that I don’t know
how this nightmare replaced my perfect dream.
You drifted away with reasons you won’t show,
and my heart could only silently scream.

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Nothing More

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Poems
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When I saw you from a distance,
my heart isn’t with nonchalance.
Our eyes locked, we greeted with a smile,
and my heartbeat echoed for a mile.

(But I’m just a friend and nothing more.)

As we walked down the path together,
our voices were full of laughter.
Each moment with you, though they be fleeting,
makes my cares seem to be fleeing.

(But I’m just a friend and nothing more.)

We share our secrets, our deepest thoughts;
we see each other’s mind like open doors.
When you hold my hand and hug me tight,
my messed-up world becomes alright.

(But I’m just a friend and nothing more.)

I see you as one who’s strong as stone,
someone whose shoulder I could cry on.
But when these tears flow and you ask, “What’s wrong?”
I’d tell you all but the foremost reason.

(Because I’m just a friend–nothing more.)

And if you’d ask me how a guy should be
for a lovely girl to really like him,
I’d break inside, but I’d answer with a smile,
“Do these, and her heartbeat would echo for miles.”

(‘Cause I’m just a friend, wishing to be so much more.)

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Beyond Repair (12.18.14)

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Poems
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There is a kind of heart break
That is more painful
Than ended romance.

Few tales have been
written about it,
Yet it has a graver story to tell.

Poems and rhymes depicting it
Are quite unheard of,
But it tells of deeper langour
Than any sad poem there is.

It isn’t romance forgotten,
Nor unrequitted,
For such things are commonplace;
One has to get used to it.

But damaged friendship–
That is a thing too much to bear.
For, since such things ought to last,
Their ruin is almost always beyond repair.

And right now, I perceive a heart,
Breaking, shattering to a thousand pieces,
Never to be the same ever again.
Right now, that suffering heart is mine.


Posted: November 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Friendship that never existed is better than friendship you know you’ve ruined.

“Forgive Me, I Pray”

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Poems
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Tears won’t flow, they’re resolved to say goodbye.
But why, oh why does my heart cry?
I’ve ruined our friendship, it’s all my fault.
I’m repentant, contrite, but why do I look so cold?

I wish I  cried, even wept, in front of you.
Perhaps it could convince you, and release all my pain too.
But my eyes are so cruel; they stayed dry
Though my heart is broken and full of sighs.

I beg you, please forgive me.
I am so full of stupidity.
I have been so careless in using words.
From my lips, there wanted no folly.

Forgive me, forgive me I pray!
Let our friendship be reconciled today.
I need to save it, for all the worlds.
Let it not be ruined for what a fool would say.