Accepting Christ

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Journals

“Accept Jesus Christ into your heart  and you will be saved.” Such a well-known statement. Such a familiar thought among today’s Christians. But is salvation really just “accepting Christ”? While it may be true that there is an element of acceptance, is that all there is to the image?

Embracing salvation is far greater than mere acceptance. You are not some well-off owner of an elegant house. And more importantly, Christ is not some street child on the streets, begging you to open your doors for Him and to give Him some space in the tiniest corners of your heart.

You don’t “accept” Him as if you are doing Him a favor. You are a rebel, a filthy-clothed being with hands ball-fisted against God. And God–He is the Majestic King hammering on your gates, demanding that you, the rebel, surrender to Him. You don’t accept Christ into your heart, you BOW DOWN to His Lordship. The call is not optional–it’s a decree, a command. One that has impending punishment if you do not heed.

Because it is only when you willingly subdue yourself under His rule that He can give you pardon, that He can give you peace. It is only when you stop fighting God’s kingship and cease breaking His rules that He can give you the love of a King to His subject, the love of a Father to His child.


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