“Seeing Crimson”

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Poems
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I wrote this poem for the celebration of Earth Day, last April 22. This time, I chose to share a personal memory because I wanted to get across the message that the fight for the environment is more than a societal cause–it’s a personal battle. When you fight to save the earth, you fight for your stargazing moments with your future kids, your beach mornings with your loved ones, your hiking days with friends. I wanted to tell you that when you fight for your environment, you don’t just fight for some far-flung, suffering villages–you fight for your own memories.

When I was but a little kid,
my dad and I used to lie on the street
just outside our house, gazing at constellations comprised
of billions and billions of shining stars
with but one pair of binoculars to share
seeing the night beautifully laid bare.
When I was a kid, my dad and I
Would spend hours staring at the evening sky
Him, contentedly searching for constellations,
And me, eagerly counting all the twinkling dots,
Thinking that they are mine to hold and own eternally,
Their subtle light to guide me unfalteringly.
But then I grew up, grew tired of watching the stars,
Started to care less of nature, and more of “progress”.
For years I ceased to watch for the twinkling starry host.
And so one night on my way home I was shocked to see
A sky as red as crimson, with a moon dimly lit and alone,
Having no constellations, no twinkling dots to show.
I was once a kid with a lovely, starry sky
to admire and stare at as the day bid goodbye
But now I’m afraid the younger ones won’t live to see
The night’s dark yet dazzling beauty
Unless we wake up before everything’s too late,
Before all efforts to save Nature be wasted away.

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