“Five Ways to Save the Earth”

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Poems
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There are five ways to save our beloved Mother Nature,
Five weapons against the world’s rapid rate of decay.
First, your selfie on SnapChat with hashtag SaveTheEarth—
Don’t bother knowing the increase rate of melting ice caps,
Or what carbon sequestration or greenhouses meant–
With the right selfie angle, they’re not important anyway.
The second way to play the superhero for earth
Is to participate in Coastal Clean-ups annually.
And throwing water bottle on the streets doesn’t matter,
Nor does the fact that you took more pictures than trashes,
As long as you had your international certificate
That would increase your school credentials drastically.
There are five ways to save the whole earth, and the third one
Is designing posters promoting waste segregation;
It’s fine that you never did it at home, not even once,
Or that you can’t figure out where to put your drained to-go coffee,
Or how you don’t really care, ‘cause the truck will mix it up anyway—
As long as you’re campaigning for the noble action.
There are five ways to save the earth, and the fourth way
Is joining a youth forum that says we’d last only until 2050.
It’s fine that you don’t know why the Amazon and other earth treasures waste away,
And it doesn’t matter that the forum’s resolutions
And plans of actions were never really carried out—
At least you’ve shown concern on earth’s welfare “sincerely.”
There are five ways to save the rapidly rotting earth,
And the fifth one is to go run to save a river.
Don’t mind that you were really just after the souvenir shirt
With its triple 10 number code that would label you cool,
And that you didn’t finish the run, as long as you supported it,
Because just like that, you’re now among Gaia’s hall of famers.
Really, if you’re acting out the superhero, you’re doing just great;
But this isn’t about heroics, nor is it about fame—
It’s about being a good steward while it’s not yet too late,
Of caring for what was left of the gift once given to us.
There are no five things, there’s just one way to save the earth—
To transcend pledges and petitions; to make word and deed the same.

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