If The World Were Made Of Candies

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Poems
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If the world were made of candies,

then perhaps your words could’ve sounded sweeter

whenever you and I talk.

Perhaps your smile every morning

would have been a sweet flavor

of orange bursting from a jellybean.


If the world were made of candies,

perhaps our laughter would’ve been more sugary

than all the sugar-coated biscuits combined.


If the world were made of sweet treats

rather than hard, cold, concretes,

then perhaps you too would’ve been warmer,

like that hot chocolate drink reserved for rainy days.


How much sweeter we would be,

if like Hansel and Gretel we’ve found

for ourselves a house made of candies

without the evil witch inside, of course–

just us, sweetness, and everything in between.


Oh, how things would’ve been far better.

If there were only enough candies to sweeten

Every greeting, every conversation, every glance.

But sadly, this isn’t a world of candies.

This isn’t a world of honey and sweet treats.

And sadly for me, this is harsh, bitter reality of lost chances.


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