I Am Sad

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I’m not angry at you. I’m just sad that I always have to fall victim of your limitations. I’m sad because things cannot always work out between us. I’m sad because you cannot have the same varying perspective as I do. I’m sad because we can’t really meet halfway, because we aren’t simply cut out for each other.

I’m not angry. But I am sad—because things always get hampered, because progression is always hindered by your linear perspective. I’m sad because every time we seem to get along, differences you cannot handle would always arise. And really, I’m sad because I’m just tired of hoping that someday, everything would just work out for us. That someday you would understand me the same way I understand you. But I guess I should stop hoping for that someday. Because just as snow cannot fall on the hottest day of summer, just as fire cannot really mix well with water, tomorrow won’t ever come. Every time I’d wake up in the morning, it would always be today. Today when you are too blind, too oblivious, too uncaring. Today when you and I can never really mix, when you can never really understand.

I’m sad, yes. But I understand. It’s not like you could’ve helped it. It’s not like you could’ve tried just a little to understand people’s differences. It’s not like you can pause for a little while before labelling others to be undeserving of you. It’s not like every time you think someone should be cast out from your sight, you can step back and try to see these people as a whole and not in parts. It’s not like you could help it.

But you know what? Actually, you can. You could’ve chosen to go a little out of your comfort zone, so people can reach out to you. You could’ve broken that barrier between us. You could’ve tried to understand that differences. But you chose simply not to. And for that I am sad.


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