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I may not be the most comforting and affirming listener. But I do listen with great care, attentive to every word you say, remembering them well, remembering you well, as I say my prayers.

I Am Sad

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I’m not angry at you. I’m just sad that I always have to fall victim of your limitations. I’m sad because things cannot always work out between us. I’m sad because you cannot have the same varying perspective as I do. I’m sad because we can’t really meet halfway, because we aren’t simply cut out for each other.

I’m not angry. But I am sad—because things always get hampered, because progression is always hindered by your linear perspective. I’m sad because every time we seem to get along, differences you cannot handle would always arise. And really, I’m sad because I’m just tired of hoping that someday, everything would just work out for us. That someday you would understand me the same way I understand you. But I guess I should stop hoping for that someday. Because just as snow cannot fall on the hottest day of summer, just as fire cannot really mix well with water, tomorrow won’t ever come. Every time I’d wake up in the morning, it would always be today. Today when you are too blind, too oblivious, too uncaring. Today when you and I can never really mix, when you can never really understand.

I’m sad, yes. But I understand. It’s not like you could’ve helped it. It’s not like you could’ve tried just a little to understand people’s differences. It’s not like you can pause for a little while before labelling others to be undeserving of you. It’s not like every time you think someone should be cast out from your sight, you can step back and try to see these people as a whole and not in parts. It’s not like you could help it.

But you know what? Actually, you can. You could’ve chosen to go a little out of your comfort zone, so people can reach out to you. You could’ve broken that barrier between us. You could’ve tried to understand that differences. But you chose simply not to. And for that I am sad.

Aesthetics: Preserving Humanity

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All throughout human history, developments on man’s various aspects have been on perennial progression. Intellect, skills, and livelihood are observed to continuously advance. With the dawn of the 21st century, however, these developments picked up a pace so much faster than was ever recorded in history. While it took several centuries for man to discover fire and how to utilize it, only a few years is needed for various inventions and scientific advancements on how to improve the global community to occur. The rate of human and societal development has escalated quickly indeed—so much that everything is now deemed as fast-paced. Food, coffee, clothes, and services can now be acquired instantly. Even properties like houses and land can be acquired quickly and easily through various programs. In such a scientific and formal world, humans tend to become mechanical and routine-driven individuals. Through these changing times, however, arts and language have the role of preserving humanity’s essence by reminding it of life’s beauty, intricacy, and uniqueness.

In a time when everything is too scientific and technical, art and language remind humanity of life’s beauty. In today’s context, scientific method comes into play in almost every life scenario. Logic is put at the pedestal of, and is made to rule in all instances—be it in home, school, or work. Life, however, is not just a series of point A’s and B’s, not something that simply comes out of empirical observation. Life is something beautiful, thought-provoking, and emotion-inspiring. Intellect, truly, is a crucial feature, but not its sole characteristic. Life is not all logic. There are still instances when the heart must be provoked to feel something, and art and language give humanity that aspect. When one sees a painting portraying so vividly human love, the heart is moved to utmost appreciation. When one reads a poem distinctly voicing out the pain of human suffering, one is moved to tears. This is humanity’s essence preserved by art. Art and language are what keep humans from being one of those unfeeling cyborgs they have invented.

Art and language do not only preserve human emotions, but also, in an age when acquiring everything seems so simple, they remind people of life’s complexity. People nowadays are so used to the notion of simplicity. If one wants to eat, the process is simple—go out and buy. If one wishes to travel to far places, he could simply go and ride a vehicle. The world is portrayed as smaller and simpler with the rise of countless scientific and technological advancements. Conversely, life is not as simple, and language and arts always remind that. All those sculptures carved with such great details; those building designs of intricate substance; those canvases painted with the most vibrant, colorful images; even those literary works written with such great and complex wordings; and those dramas acted out with the most complex of emotions—these things are the reminder of life’s intricate complexities. They help humanity to remember that life is not a simple set of formulae and computations, that it is far more complicated than a problem set having one specific answer.

Alongside all these rich aspects, in a context where everything is manufactured too similarly, art and language are also reminders of life’s uniqueness. These days, houses are designed into uniformity, buildings are all alike, and everything for daily use is mass-produced, having a form for everything. Art, however, deviates, refusing to be boxed into similarity. Every handmade art is as unique as the fingerprints of its maker, just like every poem written is as unique as the poet who wrote it. Every painting, sculpture, story, and drama is one of a kind and peerless. These things declare to the human mind that people’s lives are multi-faceted—something that cannot be measured completely by a single measuring stick, something that cannot be defined by describing its one aspect.

The world indeed is changing, and changing fast. Humanity has taken great leaps in terms of the improvement of intellect, skills, and competencies. The development will never be balanced, however, if the progress is one-sided alone. The other side of the spectrum is the affective capabilities of humanity—the one thing that keeps humans human, and not any sort of artificial intelligence. Through art and language, this important aspect is kept in check. Through them, the human mind is reminded of its essence, of the reason why they are more valuable than the best computers invented. Truly, with art and language at play, life becomes more priceless and appreciated through the changing times.


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Rebecca Williams

Photography by Rebecca Williams, 2015


It’s funny how your treatment suddenly changed,
how your indifference fired up to a radiant smile.
Right now you think I’m amazing because I broke.
Right now you may think of me highly.
But I’m not simply the girl who broke,
I’m not simply the one who made it to the cut.
I’m also the girl who can be sad,
the girl who can be weak and break down,
the girl who can lose patience at times.
I’m also the girl who feels an entire spectrum of emotions,
including those that you may find too appalling.

See, your problem is you define people with a single description,
you measure others’ worth by a sole measuring stick.
And it’ll only be a matter of time, trust me,
before you find a less appealing aspect to limit me with.
You may think I’m a flat-surfaced individual,
But I’m a diamond of poetry–multi-faceted, having various sides.
And tell you what–I’ll never be



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From the fragmented pieces left of life after the catastrophe,

From the broken phrases left of the untold and lost stories,

A new picture is painted, a new form sculpted.

And as the wounds are slowly healed,

As the fragments are slowly made whole,

The whisperers of the forgotten tales came to hope—

Perhaps today would be different, brighter, better.

Perhaps the new image formed will not fade this time,

Perhaps this time the tale being told will get to live through generations.

And the whisperers can only hope fervently.

“Through The Stillness”

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I celebrate myself and sing myself—

A tune that is not as loud

As the city lights and urban sounds,

A song not as distinct as famous concerts

Nor as pronounced as classic operas.

I celebrate myself and sing my own song through the morn—

A melody not apt for every feeling, emotion, occurrence,

But a tune that is heard during the stillness

Of that cold, quiet morning, in an hour after the storm.

I am the song sung quietly among the trees,

The tune whispered softly through mountains,

The one echoed through all the ages.