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Are You A Good Bible

Posted: December 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

“Perhaps you are the only Bible these people would ever read.” Too often, we claim this to be an overstatement. But this happens more often than we thought. So it begs the question, what kind of Bible do they read through your life? Or do they see His Word in you at all?


In Need

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Love the unlovable, because they need more of that. More of patience, more of long suffering. Love the unlovable, because they need more of your understanding. Love them, not just because you want to but because they need it.


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Perhaps you should stay where you are,
and simply admire me from afar.
Perhaps the distance is best for me
’cause then you won’t see me as faulty.

Perhaps I should keep all my guards up,
and keep the bridge from the water’s top.
‘Twould be far safer, for both of us
For then at least I’d still have your trust.

I have just lost too much already
by letting them see me too closely.
So perhaps you should not cross the line–
or shouldn’t have, ’cause you did when I thought it fine.


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People don’t go to hell because they’re homosexuals. They get condemnation because they’re sinners, because they’re not yet saved. A straight person can pretty much end up in eternal flames just like all the homosexuals he’s been judging. So don’t make hell especially exclusive for these people. It has all the room for all liars, idolaters, adulterers, and fornicators as well. You address sin in general–not just this one expression.