Cover With Love

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized


I don’t know what you think
I don’t know why you said
what you said.
I don’t understand all your dramas,
all your bickering and frowns.

But I do know that I do my part,
I do know that I make my contributions,
I do know that I did nothing
to deserve your ill-fitting words.
And now I tell you,
I know one more thing–
I’m sick and tired of you.

But you don’t know that.
You don’t know that I’m sick
of your ill attitude.
You don’t know that
the things you did, the words you said
they all simply piled up, one over another,
and now I’m all filled to the brim.

You don’t know, perhaps you’d never realize
that sometimes when things go wrong,
the blame shouldn’t fall on others.
Sometimes you should acknowledge
that you–yes, you–are at fault.

You don’t know that covering things up with love
can’t happen unless, for you, there’s love.
And foolish one, I tell you,
whatever love I claim to have ages ago–
all that is drained; scorching dry.

I can’t cover up the offenses.
I can’t let go and smile and promise love.
But then, why would you care?
You don’t know anything at all, do you?


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