Drops Of Sorrow

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Poems
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Dark clouds looming overhead,
I walked down the faded path.
Slowly. Gingerly.

Peals of thunder sounding,
Bolts of lightning striking,
I trudged on unawares.

Heaven’s tears started to fall.
One drop. And another.
Soon it was raining hard.

I let the rain drench my clothes,
let it soak my hair worn down,
let its noise drown my senses.

I breathed, I closed my eyes,
and lifted my face tow’rds the sky,
letting its water pelt down my skin.

May heaven’s tears hide my own,
may they ever drown all the pain,
may they wash my wounds clean.

Heaven’s rain, never stop–
tempestuous storm, don’t cease–
’til you’ve washed all my heartaches away.


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