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Truth Behind Tales (4.24.15)

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Poems

Love is often seen as heaven’s foretaste,
one that would vanquish your greatest fears and hate.
To look for it is thought of as man’s chief end;
having it means all your brokenness would mend.

But this love, a force ever so deceitful,
is far from being one so light and blissful.
The perfect depiction we always see
is just too far-flung from reality.

Cupid isn’t a babe always having a smile to wear,
nor is love that gem so desirable and rare.
But Cupid–he’s that fearsome, cunning monster,
sucking life out of you, making you weaker.

Love is the lion that lures you to its den
with its empty promises of a sweet haven,
but then chokes you until you’re miserable,
breaking you ’til you’re too irreparable.

You see, love kills more than any disease
and harms far more than any calamity.
It’s the foremost cause why countless lives cease–
the sole source of wounds that bleed eternally.


Defining Human Essence

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Poems

It’s the Blindness that makes people see,
it’s a Bondage that sets us free
and Foolishness that makes one Wise–
the Paradox with which none’s surprised.

The Questionable that no one doubts
the Unneeded none can live without–
it’s the Opium that heals humanity
from its desperate insanity.

What’s this “man’s shame” that proves to be glorious?
This is none else but Faith victorious–
the Tumult far from being chaotic,
the Reason that transcends all logic.

Mistaken (04.03.15)

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

We were so close, so intimate;
people thought we’d never separate.
You are what’s been said by Proverbs,
the friend that sticks closer than a brother.

I used to see you as that friend
who’d stand up for me ’til the end.
But hey, sorry, I assumed too much.
I see now: to me, none could be such.

It took long before I realize;
you see, I still hope dreams’d crystalize.
But I’ve been waiting long enough.
I’m tired–even rocks aren’t always tough.

I yield to truth so shattering–
I am not to anyone’s liking.
I face the bitter reality:
you didn’t, and never will, like me.