“My Daily Prayer” (2011)

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Poems
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My holy Father in heaven,
thank you for easing my burden.
I thank you very solemnly
for giving one more day to me.

This day, as I open my eyes,
as morning dawn breaks, my heart cries:
I praise thee, Lord, for who you are.
May all praise you, both near and far.

My God, may your name be hollowed,
and your holy will, be followed.
Provide me my physical needs,
and guide me for all of my deeds.

Please sustain me spiritually–
my very strength, you may it be.
Sustain me n times of troubles.
Keep me away from temptations.

May I be seen by all as light–
light that will show the things that’s right.
May I be a testimony
of your saving grace and glory.

And may I continue to grow
in faith, love, and in being low.
Continue that change you started
until all my sins are blotted.

Please forgive my iniquities,
and remember all my frailties.
You understand my frame–I’m dust.
In you, oh Lord, I put my trust.

And please, my God, save my loved ones.
Keep them from hell’s path, where I walked once.
Use me as means to share you Word.
Hear my prayers–save them from this world.

In Christ’s most precious name I pray,
glorify your own self this day.
Show your holiness to all men.
To you be the glory, amen.


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