Cherry Orchard Adaptation

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Prose
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Photo credit: Melad, 2015

Even without the theater play, it was still  an emotional Friday.

Last Friday, our class along with other English majors went to PETA theater to watch their production, Arbol de Fuego. It was an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard. It was a very good play–I laughed and cried whenever the scene called for it. Have you seen the last part, when the old butler was left in the mansion to die? I could not help but sob as silently as I could.

Yet even without the theatrics, it was already such a tear-jerking, emotional, and stressful Friday. I literally had no sleep the night before because I was doing a requirement which I was not really supposed to do. I’ve been crying and murmuring as I was typing in my laptop. I was dragging myself as I went to school that day, so drained and exhausted physically and emotionally. And then we had to comply to yet another school requirement, and then I was late for the play. I almost chose not to go. Everything just seemed so messed up that day.

Nonetheless, it was a play worth watching.

(I know. This post has no logical progression whatsoever. Maybe because I still haven’t cleared my mind. Sorry.)


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