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On Healthy Living

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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If I want to have a healthy lifestyle,

If I wish to live long at all,

I should stop eating fries.

Just like I should stop thinking of you.


Fight Valiantly

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Prose
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One cannot simply cry out, “Lord! Deliver me from evil!”
when he himself has caused that evil to fall upon himself.
No one can pray, “Lead me not into temptation,”
and afterwards seek to be ensnared by that temptation.
You cannot ask God to make you grow in the faith
while you continuously neglect His means of grace.
You see, you just can’t ask someone to save you from burning
when you insistently keep on setting your own clothes on fire.

“My Daily Prayer” (2011)

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Poems
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My holy Father in heaven,
thank you for easing my burden.
I thank you very solemnly
for giving one more day to me.

This day, as I open my eyes,
as morning dawn breaks, my heart cries:
I praise thee, Lord, for who you are.
May all praise you, both near and far.

My God, may your name be hollowed,
and your holy will, be followed.
Provide me my physical needs,
and guide me for all of my deeds.

Please sustain me spiritually–
my very strength, you may it be.
Sustain me n times of troubles.
Keep me away from temptations.

May I be seen by all as light–
light that will show the things that’s right.
May I be a testimony
of your saving grace and glory.

And may I continue to grow
in faith, love, and in being low.
Continue that change you started
until all my sins are blotted.

Please forgive my iniquities,
and remember all my frailties.
You understand my frame–I’m dust.
In you, oh Lord, I put my trust.

And please, my God, save my loved ones.
Keep them from hell’s path, where I walked once.
Use me as means to share you Word.
Hear my prayers–save them from this world.

In Christ’s most precious name I pray,
glorify your own self this day.
Show your holiness to all men.
To you be the glory, amen.

The Seed As The Word

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Poems
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It’s the seed and not the sower,
the word and not the preacher,
that holds the power to fruition
and drives the soul to salvation.

You Wouldn’t Know

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Poems
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I know you hate me
because I’m just so unlikable.

I know you want nothing to do with me,
because I’m just too deviant.

I know you think I’m too full of myself,
and so messed up too.

That I’m way too displeasing,
and am simply the worst of everything.

But do you know how much I struggle
just to be even a little better?

Do you know how much tears are shed
every night as I sleep?

Do you know how much I strive daily
just to somehow become less of a sinner?

Of course you wouldn’t know,
nor would you ever care of finding out.

And you wouldn’t ever know
how much I wanted you to like me,

to approve of me,
to see me worthy of your company.

You wouldn’t know how every sharp word from you
utterly, deeply, cuts me through.

You wouldn’t know how your cold actions
pierce my heart and quench my soul’s fire.

But today I just have to tell you
that I never wanted it to be like this.

And I would just like you to know,
things used to be better between us.

But then you wouldn’t know, nor would you care.
‘Cause perhaps the past that I remember

was nothing but a fragment of imagination,
a wish I’m too desperate to have realized.

Cherry Orchard Adaptation

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Prose
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Photo credit: Melad, 2015

Even without the theater play, it was still  an emotional Friday.

Last Friday, our class along with other English majors went to PETA theater to watch their production, Arbol de Fuego. It was an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard. It was a very good play–I laughed and cried whenever the scene called for it. Have you seen the last part, when the old butler was left in the mansion to die? I could not help but sob as silently as I could.

Yet even without the theatrics, it was already such a tear-jerking, emotional, and stressful Friday. I literally had no sleep the night before because I was doing a requirement which I was not really supposed to do. I’ve been crying and murmuring as I was typing in my laptop. I was dragging myself as I went to school that day, so drained and exhausted physically and emotionally. And then we had to comply to yet another school requirement, and then I was late for the play. I almost chose not to go. Everything just seemed so messed up that day.

Nonetheless, it was a play worth watching.

(I know. This post has no logical progression whatsoever. Maybe because I still haven’t cleared my mind. Sorry.)

[Can’t] Be Perfect

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

So is that why you left?

Because I was not as good

as you thought I was?

Sorry. I can’t be perfect.

Photo credit: Bonnoss