Of Divisions and Rifts

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Poems
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Every oppression breeds a state of war.
No matter how small. How seemingly insignificant.
And in every war, there is always chaos. Rift. Division.
Gap between two worlds. Between states. Between persons.

In every chaos, there is loss.
In every rift, there is wound in need of healing.
In every loss, there is sadness. Languor.
And in every wound, there is pain. So much pain.

Cold or not, every war brings injustice.
Not one ever brings victory.
It brings nothing but pain. Suffering. Death.
It brings no bliss. Only destruction and heartbreak.

And destruct it does.
It creeps into the heart
of every man (no matter how valiant)
and tears it apart, leaving them bare.


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