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I have once been told,

“Fairness is not getting

what you want, but what you need.”

Fine. But then I needed you,

and yet you were given

to someone else.

Where then, I ask, is fairness?

Out It Went

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

It pains me to see you go

after all those times we spent.

You’d think ’twas a happy end, but no.

That story’s part, out the window it went.

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What Used To Be

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Poems
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“Let’s take a picture!” I heard you say.
I turned around, took a step or two,
but then remembered: things have change today–
many were altered, and forgotten too.

I remember quite distinctly
how you used to see me every morning.
I see the way you used to smile at me
and hug me whenever I feel crying.

But what used to be a smile so genuine
is now nothing but a forced, dry one.
What used to be a hug so comforting
is now just a handshake, with all warmth gone.

All those memories we made together
dissolved into nothing but vague dreams;
those meaningful talks, those nonsense chatter–
all of them vanished like a dried-up stream.

And then there used to be us in the pictures
in all events–even uneventful days.
But now it seems we have on us strictures;
we avoid each other in many ways.

And the saddest part is that I don’t know
how this nightmare replaced my perfect dream.
You drifted away with reasons you won’t show,
and my heart could only silently scream.

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Nothing More

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Poems
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When I saw you from a distance,
my heart isn’t with nonchalance.
Our eyes locked, we greeted with a smile,
and my heartbeat echoed for a mile.

(But I’m just a friend and nothing more.)

As we walked down the path together,
our voices were full of laughter.
Each moment with you, though they be fleeting,
makes my cares seem to be fleeing.

(But I’m just a friend and nothing more.)

We share our secrets, our deepest thoughts;
we see each other’s mind like open doors.
When you hold my hand and hug me tight,
my messed-up world becomes alright.

(But I’m just a friend and nothing more.)

I see you as one who’s strong as stone,
someone whose shoulder I could cry on.
But when these tears flow and you ask, “What’s wrong?”
I’d tell you all but the foremost reason.

(Because I’m just a friend–nothing more.)

And if you’d ask me how a guy should be
for a lovely girl to really like him,
I’d break inside, but I’d answer with a smile,
“Do these, and her heartbeat would echo for miles.”

(‘Cause I’m just a friend, wishing to be so much more.)

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Every oppression breeds a state of war.
No matter how small. How seemingly insignificant.
And in every war, there is always chaos. Rift. Division.
Gap between two worlds. Between states. Between persons.

In every chaos, there is loss.
In every rift, there is wound in need of healing.
In every loss, there is sadness. Languor.
And in every wound, there is pain. So much pain.

Cold or not, every war brings injustice.
Not one ever brings victory.
It brings nothing but pain. Suffering. Death.
It brings no bliss. Only destruction and heartbreak.

And destruct it does.
It creeps into the heart
of every man (no matter how valiant)
and tears it apart, leaving them bare.


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Okay? Of course I’m not okay.

But we all have to put on a show,

at one point or another.

So I smile. I laugh. I joke around.

Even if by doing so, I feel

a stabbing, piercing pain

in my heart.


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