Beyond Repair (12.18.14)

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Poems
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There is a kind of heart break
That is more painful
Than ended romance.

Few tales have been
written about it,
Yet it has a graver story to tell.

Poems and rhymes depicting it
Are quite unheard of,
But it tells of deeper langour
Than any sad poem there is.

It isn’t romance forgotten,
Nor unrequitted,
For such things are commonplace;
One has to get used to it.

But damaged friendship–
That is a thing too much to bear.
For, since such things ought to last,
Their ruin is almost always beyond repair.

And right now, I perceive a heart,
Breaking, shattering to a thousand pieces,
Never to be the same ever again.
Right now, that suffering heart is mine.


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