“But A Dream” (11.30.14)

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Poems
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In the darkest of nights
I saw you from my window sill.
I could hear your voice so vibrant,
I could see your eyes so clear.

I see the world around us,
Remembering things distinctly.
At that stand-still moment, my dreams
Suddenly turned to reality.

Our world that night was perfect–
The trees glitter, the rivers shine,
The air is full of love and laughter,
And the best part is that you were mine.

I knew, from each other, we live far away,
But there we were no longer miles apart.
We walk together, you holding my hand
And capturing my very heart.

It was a perfect world with a perfect scene,
My sheer joy, no clouds could ever dim.
But it shattered, all that we could’ve been,
For I awoke, and ’twas all but a dream.


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