Me: An Oxymoron (6.24.11)

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Poems
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Who is this confident girl you meet,
Who, for leadership, seemed to be fit?
Who is that girl who speaks out her thoughts,
Stubborn, seems hard to be trapped and caught?

I am the girl who appears to be strong,
Unafraid, confident to face the throng.
I am the girl who appears to be holy
To those who doesn’t know its meaning truly.

I am the unbendable that wavers;
I am the straight one that waves like waters.
I’m the strong armor that easily dents,
I’m the determined who’s ready for relents.

I am the leader who needs to be led,
And the strong one who is as weak as dead.
I’m the laughing one that grieves every day,
I’m the “righteous” who strays out of God’s Way.

I’m the “generous” who acts selfishly
And the “matured” who thinks self-centeredly.
Yes, I’m the “valiant” who is sinful
I’m the intelligent who is a fool.

I’m the “spiritual-wise” thirsting for knowledge
I am the hopeful whose hope is at the edge.
I’m the indifferent who’s weak inside,
I’m the solid that shatters in all sides.

They all see me as the strong-willed lady,
Yet I’m the girl who longs for God’s face to see.
I’m the unworthy and undeserving one
Who, if not by grace, would’ve been long gone.

I am the sinful, wretched, dying man
For whom Christ gave up the life which He ran.
I am the stone-hearted who heeded His call,
And begs for God to change my heart and all.

I’m the cold stone that grows warm by His grace,
I am the wimp who will finish God’s race.
I may be the girl whose words aren’t credible,
And whose life, with grace, is incompatible.

But I do know this one more thing for sure:
That God’s grace is limitless; it endures.
My life may linger with remains of sin,
But Christ can change me on the outside and within.


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