“‘Twas An Illusion” (12.29.13)

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Poems
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I’ve told you before that I love you.
I should have mentioned it wasn’t true.
I said romance for you is all I feel.
I should’ve taken it back; it wasn’t real.

I fed my mind with wistful fancies
And twisted them with realities
You gave motive, turned my fancy to flames.
And my folly is all I blame.

I have said I love you forever.
But did I really mean that? Never.
I’ve said you were my one and only.
But there’s never been anyone, really.

I thought I’ve been head-over-heels,
But I just switched my dreams with what was real.
I vowed to be in love for the first time.
Sorry, ’twas all illusions of mine.


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