“Stay Forever” (11.21.14)

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Poems
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Stay Forever.jpg

The soft hues of blue
dominate the view
that captivated my soul.
I could stay here forever.

As the waves rolled by softly,
And as I gaze out to the sea,
I was soothed and calmed.
I could stay here forever.

As I walked through the shoreline,
My bare feet touched the sand so fine;
And, that moment, time seems to stop.
I’d love to stay here forever.

And then a song began to play,
So sweet as honey, so clear as day.
It speaks of love so strong and true
By a soul full of fervor.

The song is pleasant to my ears,
But not to my heart, I fear.
For the words, sweet though they be,
Remind me of nothing sweet.

Instead it painted so clear in the air
A picture too painful to bear:
the happy ending that should’ve been ours,
Gone, vanished like the hastening fleet.

All the lovely what-ifs of you and me
Were sung ever so sadly.
The plaintive thought haunts me on:
How could I endure this forever?

The soft hues of ocean so blue
Faded out as tears blurred my view.
The fine, sad song plays infinitely.
I can’t stay here forever.


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