“If Ever” (12.01.13)

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Poems
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If ever I should someday marry,
A set of standards must first be met.
The right traits in my man I should see,
Or I’d soon do something I’d regret.

If ever I’ll get married someday,
I want to marry a man so strong–
One who can make me yeild to His way;
For such can spare me from doing wrong.

He must be a good enough leader–
For I am wild and wayward, you see.
I am strong, so he must be stronger;
For only then can someone lead me.

Above all, he must be a Christian–
One who’s fully devoted to God–
Because only a truth-loving man
Can ever give true and selfless love.

But then, if ever I should marry,
I, too, must be transformed once for all.
I should be meek, submissive, and lowly,
And learn to love my Lord above all.

These things are all standards to be met,
Graces to pray for, goals to target.
But ’till I learn to be gentle and quiet,
I don’t want any romance just yet.


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