“I Failed” (11.16.14)

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Poems
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He said he was an angel
Sent down, my faith to test.
But never did he realize,
He shook its foundations to the fullest.

Right now, all logic fails
And only one thought is in mind:
My faith is but a barrier
That makes love impossible to find.

There is longing, there’s great desire,
To be with you and hold your hand.
But a thick, hard line separates us,
Making us light years apart.

My religious facade sores you, I know.
And oftentimes I would like to fancy:
Had things been different and the situation altered,
Perhaps, perhaps, you too could have liked me.

You are the fallen angel
Sent to challenge my faith.
And though I still couldn’t get you,
Though I still couldn’t love you, the test I failed.


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